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The Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC CTU), an institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague, focuses on fundamental and applied research in the fields of computer science and AI.

CIIRC CTU builds an ecosystem for AI and advanced manufacturing. It connects the industry, universities and RTOs with European research and innovation networks.

The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology  and Science — INESC TEC has 35 years of experience in R&D and technology transfer. Present in sites in the cities of Porto, Braga and Vila Real, INESC TEC incorporates 13 R&D Centers with complementary competences, always looking to the international market. 

At INESC TEC, the knowledge and results generated as part of fundamental research are typically applied in technology transfer projects, always guaranteeing added and immediate social relevance. 
With the launching of INESC P&D BRASIL (in São Paulo, Brazil), INESC TEC has strengthened its presence worldwide, always associating Portugal to international scientific excellence. In Portugal, INESC TEC’s capacity for technological innovation has made it possible to modernize national sectors and to launch new exporting companies 

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INEGI is an industry-oriented Research and Technology Organization (RTO) with an organizational structure based on three pillars of activity: research and development; innovation and technology transfer; consulting and advanced engineering services. The base of INEGI´s activity is a cluster of research units combined by scientific and technological areas supporting the research activity. Crosswise there are the Innovation, Consulting and Services activities that address the development of solutions for companies.

The research activity covers the areas of new technologies for advanced production processes, experimental mechanics, applied mechanics, energy, new materials, development of new products and systems and biomechanics. The research infrastructure includes a broad set of well-equipped laboratories and an extensive engineering tools base for supporting its R&D activity as well as the production of industrial or commercial prototypes. The research infrastructure includes a broad set of well-equipped laboratories and an extensive engineering tools base for supporting its R&D activity as well as the production of industrial or commercial prototypes.

With a workforce of 270 employees, INEGI is a Non-profit Private association with a turnover up to 12 million euros. More than 55% of this turnover comes from R&D and innovation projects funded by the industry. Recognized by the Portuguese Government as being of public utility, INEGI is currently considered an active agent playing a significant role in the development of the Portuguese industry, and in the transformation of its competitiveness model. INEGI´s experience and competences have been translated into different national and international projects, of which, those related to the aerospace and defense sectors deserve special mention. In this domain, INEGI has been participating and leading different projects, as well as R&D space projects commissioned by private and state owned companies, public services and European programs.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH – the INNOVATION COMPANY – is a business-oriented provider of innovation and technology (RTO). It is linked to a worldwide network and provides leading research according to the highest international standard. Focusing on applied research and technology development, it maintains a key role in technology and knowledge transfer.

At JOANNEUM RESEARCH, more than 250 interdisciplinary experts work in the area of »Information and Production Technologies« for national and international clients and together with partners in the following areas of research:

  • Digitalization in production
  • Optimization of production technologies and processes
  • Climate-neutral production

JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s contribution can range from initial analyses and feasibility studies up to the development of industrial solutions for quality assurance systems, digitalization of production processes and technologies by using RFID and sensing technologies, materials and the analysis of industrial production data by using AI and optimization techniques.

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BEIA CONSULT INTERNATIONAL, an innovative SME, is one of the main suppliers for ICT equipment and business services in Romania, with an experience in more than 10000 commercial projects since 1991, including enterprise cloud

communications, big data processing and telemetry, and also having an impressive track record of activities in the area of tele-monitoring and smart sensing. In 30 years of activity, BEIA managed to connect with countless partners and get involved in various projects. We have established successful

relationships that have benefited both us and our clients. The dissemination and recruitement of the project outcomes will be achieved through the project website, local, national and international seminars and workshops, publications in specialized journals and transfer of technological results to industrial and scientific frameworks. BEIA will involve its sales and marketing department for an accelerated go-to-market and commercialization of the innovations resulting from the project, therefore ensuring sustainability.

Pannon Business Network assists Hungarian SMEs in developing their competitiveness by focusing on the application of digitalization. This goal is aimed to be realized by focusing on advanced management and advanced technological solutions. The management support is conducted by value stream analyses, catalyzed by CRM- and ERP-based international benchmarks, while the latter is facilitated by an accredited digital innovation hub subsidiary, with the brand name am-lab.

The essential distinguishing character of PBN is its vast international reach, representing over 450 European partners and 70 international projects within its 15 years of operation. It is complementary to the 140 Hungarian contracted businesses – with an average staff of 73 persons and annual sales of 4 Mio. Euro – that are active in the manufacturing industry.

The EIT Manufacturing Hub Hungary is the mobilizing interface between EIT Manufacturing and the Hungarian stakeholders of the entire ecosystem. The hub is also acting as a catalysator for manufacturing excellence, strengthening the capacity of innovation enablers and added-value growth to achieve a boost of innovation in manufacturing and thus to help creating new industries and jobs. Additionally, to find and encourage best talents and entrepreneurs and forming a vibrant manufacturing ecosystem with universities and research institutions on national and regional level, PBN is mirroring EIT Manufacturing’s values and reflecting the national technological priorities allowing cross-fertilization among them.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU, headquartered in Germany, is the world’s leading applied research organization. With its focus on developing key technologies that are vital for the future and enabling the commercial exploitation of this work by business and industry, Fraunhofer plays a central role in the innovation process. As a pioneer and catalyst for groundbreaking developments and scientific excellence, Fraunhofer helps shape society now and in the future.

Founded in 1949, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft currently operates 74 institutes and research institutions throughout Germany. The majority of the organization’s 28,000 employees are qualified scientists and engineers, who work with an annual research budget of 2.8 billion euros. Of this sum, 2.3 billion euros is generated through contract research.

Fraunhofer Institut for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU was part in ConFacts 2022.